Hi, I'm Todd Howard

Hello, I’m Todd Howard with Charles Rutenberg Realty. I offer comprehensive real estate services in Pinellas County, Florida, where I’ve been a resident since 1979. I attended Dunedin Middle School and graduated from Dunedin High School. Before getting into real estate I worked in the financial planning industry. I have one amazing child, his name is Shane. He has Autism; if you also have a child with Autism, please share that with me as I would like to do something extra/helpful for you!

My deep connection to this area translates into valuable insights for those looking to buy or sell property here.

Here’s What I Offer:

  • Community Knowledge: Having lived in the area for decades, I offer insights into the local communities, educational institutions, and amenities.
  • Expertise in Local Real Estate: Over the last five years, I’ve been involved in the buying and selling of homes that were being flipped by a local investor. I acquired a very unique set of skills in regards to understanding values and what things cost.
  • Skilled Negotiation: My extensive experience in real estate negotiations ensures that you get the best terms possible.
  • Virtual Home Tours: For buyers not in the area, I provide virtual tours. This includes detailed walkthrough videos of homes you have an interest in, ideal for clients purchasing from a distance.
  • Professional Marketing for Sellers: I offer sophisticated marketing strategies for sellers, including:
  • Professional pictures.
  • Appraisal, I cover the cost – This will ensure the sqft footage in the tax records is correct. If it’s incorrect, you’re leaving money on the table!
  • Production of high-quality marketing videos for all listings, at no cost to you.
  • Development and implementation of effective, modern marketing strategies.

Market Insights: I provide in-depth market analysis to guide you through, buying or selling decisions.

Streamlined Process: I aim to make the real estate process as smooth as possible, handling the complexities and paperwork on your behalf.

Post-Sale Assistance: My support extends beyond the transaction, offering help and guidance as you settle into your new home.

Contact Todd Howard at 727-614-3296 for specialized real estate services in Pinellas County. 

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What they say about me

Client Testimonials

Jennifer DeLong
1 week ago
Todd is by far the best listing agent I have ever worked with, he came prepared with data and case studies to support his unique way of doing business. He paid to have our home appraised before he listed it to ensure the tax records were right and to make... read more
Spiro Giannas
2 weeks ago
I have been working with Todd for over 5 years. As a real estate appraiser for over 21 years, I have worked with many real estate professions. Todd has time and time again proven his knowledge of the real estate world. He has always been professional, prompt and I've seen... read more
Nicole Baca
2 weeks ago
Todd was referred to me by a friend of mine that had bought a home with him about 6 months ago, in the Dunedin area. His knowledge of the area was very helpful and his willingness to make sure all of our questions were answered was very appreciated. The entire... read more
Austin Hammers
4 weeks ago
Todd is without a doubt the best realtor I have ever worked with. I'm a local investor in Pinellas County Fl, Todd helps me find houses I can buy/rehab/sell and make money on. Todd knows the area very well, when you're relying on your realtor to project values a few... read more
Nicholaus Webster
1 month ago
I found Todd online, via his website. My wife and I wanted to buy a second home in Dunedin, not an easy task when you live in Ohio. Todd started sending us properties, the ones we liked, he would walk the property and do facetime videos with us, Todd also... read more
Alexa Kunzig
2 months ago
Todd is an amazing realtor! He is always on top of everything and if he doesn't have the answer to something he will find it in an expeditious fashion. 10/10 would recommend!
Phillip Russell
5 months ago
Todd is an outstanding listing agent. He has helped us sell three properties in the last two years. Every time his strategy was well thought-out and supported by strong data and analysis. He took care of everything and really owned the process and results. Thanks, Todd!!
Joe Ghera
11 months ago
Thanks to my real estate guru Todd Howard, rather than standing still, and excepting bogus initial appraisal he pushed back after doing a deep dive analysis of the marketplace and comparables to make it right. Without these margins, this property would have been a loss rather than a gain. I... read more
Linda Clarke Photography
1 year ago
it just works